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Editing your website
Using the tripledash panel
Get help as you go
Working with collections
Editing your text
Adding Images
Changing the template or colour scheme
Hiding & deleting content blocks
Previewing your website


 Editing your website

When you first login you will see a completed website on the right. The left hand panel will guide you to add your own information by asking questions about your business. You will see the live changes happen on your webpage on the right.
  • To get started, you can clicking on the Recommended tab, to see what you need to focus on first.
  • As you answer more questions and improve your website, the recommended screen will update to always show you the 3 most important tasks to complete next
  • You can also view a list of all the tasks available by clicking on "Edit Page" "
  • Tasks that need to be completed will have an arrow. When you add your own information to a task, it will become ticked to let you know you have edited that section. 
  • You can also jump to any task by clicking the element on your website to the right. This will automatically load the left hand menu that controls that section.
  • For example, if you want to upload a logo, you can just click on your business name on the website to the right.


Using the tripledash panel

Once you have selected a task from the recommended menu, the edit page menu or by clicking a block on your website, the editing panel will slide in from the left, with a description of what you are working on. 
  • We suggest completing every field, but nothing is compulsory. So you can pick and choose where you add copy, and you can always come back later to add more information. 

Get help as you go

When you click on a section, the blue Smart Coach panel will slide out to show you example content for that section that's relevant for industries like you.
  • You can use these to get ideas, or if they apply you can select an example and modify it, or just add it directly.
  • If you would like more help on what to write, click on "Help" to tab between examples and help.
  • You can close the panel by clicking outside the field, or click the blue question mark to open and close examples.
  • Your changes save as you go. Once you have finished answering questions just click "Next" or you can always click "Back" to go back to where you were.


Working with collections

Some blocks on your website like services, testimonials or benefits work best if you add more than one.
  • The first time you edit a collection block you'll see an example on the right, while the edit panel will look empty.
  • Click the "Add" button to replace the example copy with your first item


  • Once you have added some items to a collection, you can edit them at any time by clicking on the the block on the right to bring up the collection.
  • You can re-order any items in a collection by clicking and dragging it up or down the list on the editor. 

Editing your text

You can focus on answering questions and tripledash will automatically format your text for you. But if you like to have more control, most text blocks can be edited by highlighting the content you want to modify.


To edit text, you can highlight it using your cursor, and then style the text bold, italics or different sizes, or use bullet points or numbered lists. 

To add a link to a different website:
  • Highlight the test that you want to be the clickable link
  • Click the link icon button
  • Type in or paste the full website address eg
  • Hit enter, and test out your new link by clicking on it and making sure it takes you to the right place

Adding Images

As you complete tasks tripledash will always guide you where you should add images. You can also usually add an image to a text field or an internal page.
  • Move your mouse to the left of the text field where you want the image to appear and click on the blue circle that appears.
  • Click on the image icon that pops up, and select the image you want to load.
  • A thumbnail of your image will be added to the left hand editor, and the image will try and fill the space it's been dropped into. 


Changing the template or colour scheme

  • Log into your Tripledash website and choose "Settings - Change options".
Step 1
  • Select  "Choose Template".  
Step 2
  • Select your preferred colour scheme from the top panel, or template from the left panel. 
Step 3-224
  • Once you have selected a template or colour scheme, click on the "USE THIS DESIGN" button on the top right-hand corner.  
Step 4

Hiding & deleting content blocks

  • You can delete content at any time by clicking on that block, and deleting any text, and then pressing "Next". 
  • If you are deleting content from a collection, this will remove the entire block. If you delete all the content from an entire block, that section will return to the default example copy. It will still show on your website as a placeholder, but it will be hidden from view of your customers
  • You can also delete your content and reset it to the default example content by clicking the blue cog at the top right, and selecting "Delete this block"


Even though blocks you don't add content to don't ever show on your live website, you might decide you just don't want to see a block when you are viewing your website in the tripledash editor.

  • You can hide a block by clicking "Hide this block" after editing a block and clicking on the cog.
  • This will remove it from your view, and you can always get it back by opening the "Edit Page" screen
  • Any hidden components will display on the list with a grey "X" icon. Just click the task to edit and it will re-appear in edit mode

Previewing your website

Once you have started loading content, you can see how your new website will look across different sized devices.
  • To preview your website click the ‘view your website’ icon on the top of the screen
  • You can preview how your website will look on mobile phones, laptops & tablets by clicking the device icons along the top of the preview screens
  • Click ‘back’ to return to editing your website.
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