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How do I point my domain to my new website?
How do I set up my domain name?

Choosing your domain name or connecting your existing domain is the next step to getting your site live. There are a few ways you can do this:

Setting up your domain

Tripledash, by default, selects a domain based on your business name.  Upon creating your website during your trial period, it will have this domain:

But do note that this is not your live domain.  You can either purchase a domain from, or from a third party service provider, such as GoDaddy. 

If you already have an existing domain name, you can add your domain name to your website.

  • Click on Settings in your Tripledash menu
  • Click on the name of your website underneath 'Manage Users and Sign Out'


  • Type your chosen domain name into the box provided. Your business name will already be suggested as your domain name.
  • In the future, you will be able to select a .com, .org, .net. For now, is the only option available.

Exisiting domain name Tripledash with arrows (5)-594

  • Finally, click 'Use this address'
About Tripledash

Tripledash was designed to help you succeed online. You don't need any website experience to get started. Engineered by the experts at Zeald, Tripledash makes things simple, so you can manage your business and make it grow.

The first impression of your business often comes from your website. We want New Zealand businesses to do well online. We want you to have a good looking website, which reflects the quality of your brand.

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