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Signing up

You don’t need any website experience to get started. Just go to and click “get started for free”

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  • Sign up for your free trial by entering your business name and filling in your details. You'll use your email & password to log into your website in the 
  • This will generate your free trial website, using the domain name until you setup your free domain name or point a domain you already own.
Now that you have signed up you just need to answer a few quick questions about your business before selecting a layout and colour scheme for your new website.

Selecting your industry

tripledash uses information about your business to automatically build you a website with relevant example text and images. This removes the guess work from building your website.
  • Type your industry or business type e.g. "electrician" into the field and press GO! 
  • There are no wrong answers, we use this information to help us build the right templates for your business.
  • Select if you want a website for selling products or for getting found online.
  • Select from a range of pre set niches. Hover your mouse over an industry niche to see more information about it. 
  • Don't worry if you don't fit perfectly into a niche, picking the most relevant niche will just help you build your website by showing you more relevant example text and images.

Selecting your design

You can choose from a selection of different website layouts and styles.
  • To preview a design, click the thumbnail on the left, and the full preview will load on the right
  • Each design has different colour combinations to select from at the top of the screen
  • Because your example content is based on the industry you select, each design will look similar. Every design layout can work well for anyone, but some are better suited to businesses with lots of images, and others are better if you want to write a lot.
  • To select your design & get started click the "use this design" button
  • You can always change the look or colour at any time without losing any content (although some designs will have different sections for you to add).  You can go to Changing the template or colour scheme to learn more.  


Editing your website

The easiest way to get started with tripledash is to follow along with the on screen help the first time you login.

The tripledash interface is made up of 3 main sections:

  • The panel on the left where you can select tasks to work on, add pages or products or settings.
  • Your website on the right where you can see what your website could look like once you have completed every task. As you complete tasks your business information will replace the example information. 
  • Your live website where you can see your website exactly how your customers would see it, with no example copy. To preview your site click the laptop icon near the top and middle of your screen.
Get more help about using the tripledash editor



Getting help

The tripledash team is here and waiting to help you with any questions or problems you have with your website.  They're also able to provide great advice about what to write, how to format things to look good, or any other questions you might have about your website. 

The easiest way to contact them is through the "Live Chat" within the tripledash system - it's always there in the bottom right, simply click and type in a question any time during NZ business hours and you'll get a quick response from a real website expert.

get help

If you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, we're also right there on the phone (0508 932 748) or email (


Your account

Once you have created your account, you can use your username and password so that you can access your Tripledash website at any time to make edits. We will also send you an email with your username and a link to login to your website.

You can log back in from anywhere by going to, and clicking login in the top right corner.

Learn more about managing your account


Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password:
  • Click “login”
  • Then click “forgotten password”
  • Enter your email address into the blank field, and a password reset email will be sent to you.

Need more?

If you need help choosing the right plan, a website that has more functionality, custom design and/or integration and development capabilities, then we have experts who would be happy to help. Click here to request a call back.

If you get stuck, our support team can answer any questions you might have. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can talk to the support team by clicking on the blue "Get help from a real person" live chat at the bottom right of your tripledash website, and let us know how we can help.

About Tripledash

Tripledash was designed to help you succeed online. You don't need any website experience to get started. Engineered by the experts at Zeald, Tripledash makes things simple, so you can manage your business and make it grow.

The first impression of your business often comes from your website. We want New Zealand businesses to do well online. We want you to have a good looking website, which reflects the quality of your brand.

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