Connecting Domains

Connect your existing domain name to your tripledash website

If you have already bought a domain name, or if you have had a website before, you can connect it to your new tripledash website. If you need to purchase one, you can do so here>

This also means you will not have to change any email settings on your Email Client on your computer.

There are 2 steps to connect your existing domain to tripledash. You'll need to login to your domain name console e.g. Freeparking and point your domain, and then add it into your tripledash website.


Access your domain provider

  • Login to your current domain host e.g. Freeparking, and find the page where you edit DNS settings.  Sometimes this page will be called "Edit DNS" - other times the words "Edit Zone file" or "Nameserver management" may be used.  
  • If you have trouble finding the Edit DNS settings, it will most likely be easier for you to contact your domain company directly and they should be able to help you out (just provide them with the instructions on this page).

Set up a CNAME

  • From the Edit DNS screen you can create a CNAME record that points your domain to your tripledash website.
  • Alias - should be www  
  • Point to

If you can't setup a "CNAME record" and need to enter an IP address and setup an "A record" use


Set up A Record

  • Create an "A" record for your domain (e.g. "")
  • Point the domain to the following IP address

Note that DNS changes often take up to 48 hours to apply. If your new domain isn't taking you to your website and you think you made the above changes correctly, wait another day or two to make sure all the DNS servers have been updated. If it still isn't working, contact your registrar to make sure you entered the DNS settings correctly.


Connect a domain name to your tripledash website

  • Go to Settings in your tripledash menu
  • Click on your website name, underneath 'Manage Users' and 'Sign Out'
  • Click on 'Add a domain I already own'

Exisiting domain name Tripledash with arrows (5) 
  • Enter your domain name into the box provided & click add.
  • When you are ready to go live you can set your real domain to primary, by clicking the "make primary button"
  • Now people will be able to access your website by entering your real address into the address bar, and it will slowly start to show up in Google
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