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Starting your trial website 

What if my industry is not listed? 

If your industry is not listed, choose the industry that you like the sound of. The template is just a starting ground with the neccessary prompts and features to help you succeed. For example, any retail shop could choose 'Online Store', whereas a health profession may choose 'Financial and Legal'. 

If you feel that something is missing, you can contact our helpful support team via email at 

What if I want to send my trial website to another member of my team so they can edit it?

Simply direct your team member to sign into Tripledash with the email and password you entered for the account.

What if I want to send my trial website to someone else to look at?

Easy, send them your Tripledash trial website URL,

Anyone will be able to see the parts of your website you have filled out. Any information that you have not answered will not display. This means that any text that you have left unchanged in your template will not be visible. 

Website design

How do I change the colour scheme?

You can easily try different colour schemes to see what looks best with your brand & content.

  • From the main tripledash menu click 'Edit page'
  • Then click 'Choose your template'
  • You can select from a range of colour styles at the top of the screen. You can also try alternative layouts which include a range of different styles and some unique components. 

How do I add an image?

To add an image, click on the image on the template you want to replace. The left hand panel will slide in with a box to upload a new image from your computer. Simply click next and you're done.

How do I change my background image so that more of it shows?

As long as you upload high quality photos, these will immediately be formatted to fit the spaces. Want to know how to take high quality photos? Read our blog. 

As our websites are all responsive, which means they are built to look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, any image you set in the background is going to be displayed differently across every device.

How do I edit my images in Tripledash?

If you aren't a professional Photoshop expert (which most of us aren't), image editing can seem a little daunting. We recommend using some of the fantastic image editors available online which anyone can use. Our favourite editors are Pixlr or PicMonkey.  

How do I make my images bigger?

Tripledash is built to automatically resize your images to fit your website.

How do I change my font size, or type?

Tripledash uses a structured style guide. This means that your main headings are all one consistent look, as are your subheadings and your body font. Most of the text on your website can be changed by high lighting the text, and selecting either H1 or H2 from the text editor options pop up.

Interacting with your customers

What if I don't have any testimonials?

For new businesses, it is more than likely that you may have not received any testimonials just yet. This is a fantastic opportunity to ask your customers to review you. Ask them how your business solved their problems, and how your team performed. Testimonials are an easy and effective way to build trust between you and any future customer. 

If you are an accomodation business, you can also add your Trip Advisor widget to the testimonial section, so that anyone who leaves reviews on Trip Advisor will automatically be listed on your website.

Where do the contact form submissions go? 

Everytime a visitor makes an enquiry, you will get an email sent straight to you. You will never miss an enquiry.

Why is my business name not on the map like other businesses?

Google is an intelligent search engine that will often pick up new business websites and convert their details into map based information. This means that when people search for businesses like yours, they will see the contact information of nearby businesses. If your business is not listed, simply head to Places for Business, set up a Google account and verify your business. Otherwise, Tripledash can help you set up your Google Places account and submit your business to relevant search engines so that other search engines can find your website. 


How do I contact the accounts team?


What does the annual/monthly subscription cost cover?

The Webcard website has an annual subscription of $49 (free for the first year), and the Profile and Shop websites have a monthly subscription of $49 and $69 respectively. This subscription covers the hosting of your website, the support for your website and the on-going research and development of the Tripledash platform, meaning your website is kept up-to-date with the latest technology changes.

What kind of payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for your Tripledash website via electronic deposit, credit card or cheque. Ongoing annual / monthly subscriptions must be paid for by credit card, one-calendar month/year in advance. 

Can I pay my monthlies by direct debit?

No, your annual or monthly subscription must be paid for using a credit card.


About Tripledash

Tripledash was designed to help you succeed online. You don't need any website experience to get started. Engineered by the experts at Zeald, Tripledash makes things simple, so you can manage your business and make it grow.

The first impression of your business often comes from your website. We want New Zealand businesses to do well online. We want you to have a good looking website, which reflects the quality of your brand.

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